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I’ve been feeling a little sad recently, so I figured I’d draw something happy and bright to uplift me more.

Goldie is one of my favourite animal crossing villagers, and has been for a long time, I might make some more, I enjoyed it :)

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"Maaaan, I always loved this shot of Zeo, Masamune an Toby from the Beyblade 4D intro sequence. Could be perfect for autograph signings. Shame that credit text is in the way— Is that picture SCROLLING UPWARD?! LEAVING A SMALL NEW AREA UNMARRED BY TEXT WITH EACH FRAME?!"

And then this happened. So, yeah. I’m kinda a lunatic at times. I will accept nothing less than perfect victory.

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「 Zhou Xin/Chao Xin appreciation post ♥ 2 」

「 Zhou Xin/Chao Xin appreciation post ♥ 1 」

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Hi, I'm Sophie, but I have nicknames all over so nickname me if you want :)
I like being optimistic and happy a lot, I like keeping my spirit high and I hope I can help anyone who needs it to do the same :)
I get favourite things, and then I don't stop talking about them, mostly Metal Fight Beyblade, that just makes me so happy that I can't stop talking about it xD hopefully that doesn't get too annoying, but if it does, I'm really sorry, I'll try harder
Probably a lot of the blog will be fandom related, some personal things, but mostly fandom, so yeah, they may get a little boring so it might be a good idea not to follow me in that case, it's your choice :3


Metal Fight Beyblade: My main fandom, and hopefully with all the happiness I got from it, it'll stay that way, Colourful characters, fun story, little Yu and epic voice actors, I hope it'll always stay my favourite ;u;

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Such a cute show with fun colourful characters and amazing songs ;u;

Pokemon: Pokemon has been with me since I was three, the games are super enjoyable and it's a series that I will always carry on playing ;u;

Sonic: Another series that has been with me since I was three, I love all of the characters, so colourful in terms of design and personality ;u;

Most nintendo things: Mario, Mother, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Smash Bros, and many of the others, I love so many games from Nintendo, they're all so fun and unique! ;u;

Okami: Even though I LOVE Nintendo games most of all, Okami would have to be my favourite game, it has such interesting characters, a beautiful art style, wonderful music tracks and hours of fun! ;u;

I LOVE all things cute! ;u;



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