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(Source: geekguidance)

suriisky Asked:
Hi, I'm sorry to bother you, I'm just a fan who wanted to stop by and say happy birthday, I hope it's really good, have a very good day.

My answer:


Thanks so very much, Sophie! You’re super awesome and it’s never a bother to hear from you!

You’re welcome! Oh wow! thank you so so much! ;v;

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Tategami Kyoya




Hagane Ginga

by Yoshihiro Nagamori

by Yoshihiro Nagamori

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Hi, I'm Sophie, but I have nicknames all over so nickname me if you want :)
I like being optimistic and happy a lot, I like keeping my spirit high and I hope I can help anyone who needs it to do the same :)
I get favourite things, and then I don't stop talking about them, mostly Metal Fight Beyblade, that just makes me so happy that I can't stop talking about it xD hopefully that doesn't get too annoying, but if it does, I'm really sorry, I'll try harder
Probably a lot of the blog will be fandom related, some personal things, but mostly fandom, so yeah, they may get a little boring so it might be a good idea not to follow me in that case, it's your choice :3


Metal Fight Beyblade: My main fandom, and hopefully with all the happiness I got from it, it'll stay that way, Colourful characters, fun story, little Yu and epic voice actors, I hope it'll always stay my favourite ;u;

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: Such a cute show with fun colourful characters and amazing songs ;u;

Pokemon: Pokemon has been with me since I was three, the games are super enjoyable and it's a series that I will always carry on playing ;u;

Sonic: Another series that has been with me since I was three, I love all of the characters, so colourful in terms of design and personality ;u;

Most nintendo things: Mario, Mother, Zelda, Animal Crossing, Pikmin, Smash Bros, and many of the others, I love so many games from Nintendo, they're all so fun and unique! ;u;

Okami: Even though I LOVE Nintendo games most of all, Okami would have to be my favourite game, it has such interesting characters, a beautiful art style, wonderful music tracks and hours of fun! ;u;

I LOVE all things cute! ;u;



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